Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tips For Working A Winter Berry Lip Like Jennifer

Now that winter is officially here us beauty ladies are all geared up to embrace some new lip colours. 

As much as we love beachy corals and shimmery nudes, there’s just something about a deep berry lip which we just can’t get enough of. Plus, this vampy hue has been spied on the kissers of a ton of our fave celebs as of late, so we reckon it’s time you got involved, too. 

     If you’re looking for a more intense finish (think J-Law, Lorde, Rooney Mara, etc) then you’d be wise to start by applying a thin layer of your usual foundation across your lips. This will not only really help to keep the colour true-to-shade but will also give your look some serious staying power. A lip brush will also help for a really pigmented look.

Those with darker skin should look out for lipsticks with a chocolate base which is richer and more warming than bluer-based lipsticks. 

     If you have fair skin, chose something that’s dark but sheer. Us blonde ladies on the Grazia beauty desk are big fans of all the gorgeous plum shades out there at the moment and reckon you will be, too.

     Make like Jessica Alba and note how her colour lightens in the middle of her lower lip. Whether it was intentional or not, we think it looks pretty damn gorgeous and we love the way it makes the look feel a little edgier and more lived-in.

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