Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello beauties,
I am a big-time lover of felt tip eyeliner pens, so the moment I saw this new launch from Essence. 

I picked it up. As far as I know, this one is a new launch, so I was expecting a better formula than what they offered earlier. 

Let’s see whether it worked better than other variants or not.

Makeup Tips

Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. Plus, once you get said products into your hands, you then have to figure out the most effective way to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc. Everyone appreciates a little help in these areas every now and again. While most of us have that one friend to go to for such concerns, it’s nice to head to our handy blogger friends as well.
Whether they’re into luxury beauty or YouTube makeup tutorials, countless beauty bloggers are out there making lives easier (and way more fun). Covering how to wear the latest beauty trends or reviewing which products are worth the hype, beauty blogs have become the best friend you always needed, telling you exactly what to buy (or not buy). They’re like Yelp for the beauty industry, only you can find a blog aimed at exactly what you’re looking for and lose track of time reading or watching.
In an effort to help you find your beauty blog soulmate(s), we’ve put together a list of the 50 best beauty blogs out there. Taking into account amazing original content, useful how tos, and loyal social followings, we’ve compiled this fully comprehensive list of beauty blogs. We’ve got YouTube sensations; we’ve got lawyers and doctors making second careers out of blogging. We’re guaranteeing this list has at least a few blogs you’re going to bookmark.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tropical Eyes Makeup

70s inspired vibrant eye makeup paired with a soft lip and pastel nails ruled the runway at Alexis Mabille Spring/Summer 2016. 

Simmonds started by blending M·A·C Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation over the face to even and tone.

 He highlighted the cheekbones, bridge of nose and peak of the lips with Luna and Pearl Cream Colour Base mixed together and added Virgin Isle Cream Colour Base high on the cheekbones for a flush of color.

On the eyes, he added a wash of M·A·C Pro Paint Stick in Hi-Def Cyan from the lashline to above the crease, followed with a wash of M·A·C Pro Paint Stick in Primary Yellow over the browbone.

The two shades were then blended together to create a chartreuse green, which was also applied under the eyes. Lashes were curled and left clean and bare without mascara.

Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2016

      At Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2016, lead artist Pat McGrath gave models a gorgeous mermaid eye to go with the ’70s nightlife inspired collection.

 The eyes were first rimmed with aquamarine shadow using a damp brush before a seafoam color was blended over it up to the crease and under the eyes.

 Lots and lots of mascara helped define the eyes while the rest of the face was kept fresh with just a hint of peach blush, highlighter along the cheekbones and balm on the lips.

Bride Makeup

Your special day has finally come, and, no, I don’t mean the premiere of The Hills. It’s even better than that! It’s your wedding day.

Your plate is already spilling over with wedding plans, making sure that everything turns out right — the guest list, the seating charts, the flowers, menus and music.

With so much to do, the last thing on your mind should be your makeup. That’s where this post comes in.

It’s your beautiful face people are going to be staring at all night long. Leave a lasting impression with the help of these 101 wedding makeup looks. Go from bridezilla to bombshell in the time it takes to say “I do.”

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All Eyes Makeup

Almond Eyes

While just about any eyeliner look will flatter your eyes, you can play up your almond shape by drawing a very thin line from the inner corners and intensifying the thickness as you near the outer corners. For a soft, smoky look, line your lower lash line as well and smudge both the top and bottom outer corners a bit.

Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyelids, thin liner looks are harder to see — which means a thick, bold wing will give your eye added definition. Use a smudge-proof liner like Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner to ensure makeup doesn’t disappear into your lid or smear! You can also emphasize your lashes to make your eyes appear larger by tightlining your upper lash line and piling on the mascara.

Downturned Eyes

When it comes to your downturned eye shape, the trick is all in faking a lift! An upward flick of the liner at the outermost corner will instantly give your eyes an open and lifted appearance.

Upturned Eyes

While upturned eyes are similar to almond, your lower lid seems to be more prominent than your top lid. The key is to enhance symmetry by thinly lining the upper and lower lash line and applying a thicker line at the outer corner of your lower lash line — then slightly diffuse with a smudger.

Round Eyes

Your BIG, round eyes make dolls jealous! When it comes to the most flattering eyeliner look, the goal is to elongate the width of your eye shape to create balance. Play up the outer corners with an elongated cat eye to create the illusion of length. For a more dramatic look, smudge the Maybelline Master Kajal along your upper and lower lash line.

Small Eyes

There’s a simple solution to making your small eyes appear larger! Line your waterline with either a nude or while liner — steer clear from using black on your waterline as it will make your eyes appear even smaller — then thinly draw a cat eye from the outer corner working your way in. Line your bottom lash line and smudge the color a little in the outer corners to make your eyes appear wider!

How to Make Your Foundation Look Like Your Skin — But Better!

 #1. Skin Prep
“No matter how amazing your foundation is, it will look disgust-o if you haven’t properly exfoliated, moisturized and primed your skin,” says O’Connor.
Need some help in the skin-prep department? We’ve got you covered!
 #2. Application & Tools
How should you be applying makeup, you ask? “Not with your fingers,” answers O’Connor. She suggests applying foundation with a synthetic foundation brush. Try the Giorgio Armani Designer Foundation Expert Shaping Brush for flawless application.
#3. Blend!
Make sure to use a good blending tool for buffing out that makeup. O’Connor recommends the Giorgio Armani Blender Brush. “Blend (your foundation) out, and when you think you’ve finished, blend some more! Then apply your cream concealer, contour product and highlighter right over your foundation and blend them out too,” says O’Connor. She also recommends using a makeup sponge, as it will make your skin appear airbrushed. “Dampen it and then dab it over your foundation to work makeup in and soften the contrast between shades,” she says.
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#4. Set It
The final step is to set your makeup to ensure long-lasting wear! “Dust on a light setting powder when your makeup application is finished .


Silver Eye Makeup Tips

Silver Eye Makeup Tips 

Step 1: Apply an eye primer to the eyelids to ensure your eye shadow stays put.
Step 2: Apply a pigmented silver shadow (try Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Metal in Silver Strike) to the lids using a flat shadow brush. Using a blending brush, dust a rich, charcoal gray (like L’OrĂ©al Paris Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Sultry Smoke) into the crease.
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Step 3: Pat a glittery, silver shadow (try NYX Glam Shadow in Wedding Cake) all over the lid to intensify the existing silver shadow.
Step 4: Using a black gel liner, create a bold cat eye.
Step 5: Using a liner brush, line the lower lash line with black eye shadow and buff it out slightly. Layer on your favorite lengthening mascara and you’re ready to party!